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A comic that became a spam dump. Co-founded by ForestFire and JollyRancher44. RULES: No excessive foul language in comics or comments No mature content. Minor references are okay. Don't be rude in comments. CHAT RULES: Again, no mature content. Images, names, certain words, etc. Trolls will be banned on sight. No excessive foul language. Any violation of these rules without a reason that I deem valid may result in having a comment deleted, being banned from commenting, or kicked from the comic.

The Rescue--- an arc that never was

November 25th, 2016, 12:45 am

lol who rates comics anymore None
*uses a 4th wall break to convey the plot because there was no actual villain for the comic yet*
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Author's Comments:

Reply JollyRancher44, November 25th, 2016, 2:00 am

Flashback to October, 2013.... -=the following paragraghs are a brief trip down memory lane, skip to the dotted line to see what this comic is about=-

Back when SparkStory was still alive and well, "The War" was going strong. Authors and fans of SparkStory were all at the edge of their seats waiting to see who gets the next cameo or who gets kicked from the comic next; the anticipation was brutal. But, at about the same time, new arcs and arc ideas began to float about--- everyone wanted to create their own because there had to be more to SparkStory than The War.

14-year-old Jolleh was one of those authors. He was a lucky one too, having snagged the last available slot before no new coauthors were allowed. Despite this, however, he was always sort of a bystander. He didn't contribute much, wasn't very creative, and was even less talented at comic-making (primarily using MS Paint to create them and relying on lolrandem humor, CAPS LOCK and bad puns to make them interesting). Accordingly, whenever he made something, which in itself was rare, it was always posted to the un-chaptered section, where it would sit and serve no real purpose in the comic.

But one day, around the time the new arcs began to spring up, something happened to Jolleh. Something that hadn't happened to him in a very, long time:

He had an idea.

He had an idea for an arc! Oh, FINALLY, his chance to CONTRIBUTE! The plot line for his glorious arc was never set in stone, but the general outline went like this:

RJ (Jolleh's main OC) is troubled. His girlfriend, Sky (main OC of Vesuvi, an author who is now long gone) has been missing for a while now, and he's starting to get worried. But then, [PLOT DEVICE], which is when he finds out she's been KIDNAPPED! Oh no!

He and a group of friends would set out on a quest to save her, encountering many perils, trials and old rivals along the way, eventually arriving at the lair of [antagonist] for one final battle.

Of course, though, this ship never took sail. In fact, many crucial factors of it were never figured out. For example, exactly how many characters would be accompanying RJ on his quest was never decided (but the ones that were were Doofus (a close friend of RJ's, author imadoofus) and Mint (RJ's best friend/brotha 4 lyf, author Dark Leaf, who is also long gone ;n;)).
The villain who caused all the trouble was never decided either---the main contestants for it though were Drake, a dastardly [something, i honestly forgot] that also had a liking for Sky at the time, author Ryjora (I think Drake's name is Gemini now though? idk). The other was a new character I made just for the arc named Magnum, a wizard who is also a bird (its complicated) but essentially a Drake ripoff personality and ability-wise.

Why Jolleh's arc never caught on or even started is no one's fault but his own. What he lacked even more than creativity... was initiative.

also this is the first thing I've posted in GK Spam, despite being the owner of the comic for years now lmao

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User's Comments:

Reply ForestFire, November 25th, 2016, 10:57 am

What about that scribble of RJ?

Reply JollyRancher44, November 25th, 2016, 11:15 am

@ForestFire: that doesn't count

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